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Troubleshooting your Chromebook

Troubleshooting your Chromebook

When trouble occurs, try these steps first:
  • If you have not recently logged into your Chromebook, logout then log in once again. This will refresh all account settings.
  • If you have not recently powered off the Chromebook perform a full power/shutdown. This will allow any required Chrome OS or Google App updates to occur.
  • If you appear unable to connect to the Internet, restart the Chromebook. This will refresh the network connections.
  • If you are unable to login and are told you have no connection, restart the Chromebook. This will refresh the connections.
  • If you are unable to login because you have forgotten your password, you will need to tell your teacher or go to the tech office to have your password reset.
  • If the "Aw, Snap!" error appears, the webpage you tried to load crashed unexpectedly. Most times, you can dismiss the error by pressing Refresh. But if you keep getting the error, try the suggestions below:

Restart your Chromebook
  • Turning your Chromebook off and back on again applies any updates, like improvements and fixes. To restart your Chromebook: Click the status area where your account picture appears. To turn off your Chromebook, select the power symbol (the circle with the line intersecting the top). Then press your Chromebook's power button to turn it back on.

Close old tabs
  • Having a lot of open tabs uses up your Chromebook's memory and battery, and it might cause problems with the browser. Try closing every tab except for the one that is showing the error and see if your performance improves. Then try reloading the tab by pressing Refresh.

Check your apps and extensions
  • Try removing apps or disabling extensions one by one to see if one of them is causing the problem.

Still having problems?
Let your teacher know fill out a trouble ticket and bring your device to the technology office or the library.

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