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Board of Education

Marion Local Board of Education

Marion Local School board is proud to be a sponsor of the school district's web page. The Board of Education's strong support for technology as an educational tool is reflected by their financial support and commitment to training programs for both staff and students. The Board appreciates the efforts of the technology communications class in maintaining the school district's web site. The Board believes strongly that students should take an active part in determining the components of their educational curriculum. The school district's web site is a major public relations tool to inform the community and the nation of the happenings within the Marion Local School District. The Board pledges to constantly aim toward having the best school system possible within available resources. In addition, the Board encourages strong community involvement and asks that you take advantage of the many opportunities to visit your school district. The Board encourages you to speak to its administrators first when you have questions or concerns. However, board members may be contacted directly to express additional concerns.

Board of Education Goals

  1. To maintain and improve communications with the citizens of the District.
  2. To provide the necessary resources for continued District improvement in a fiscally responsible manner
  3. To improve individual boardmanship by studying educational issues.

Board Contact Information

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