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Frequently asked Questions

Student Device Frequently Asked Questions

The term “laptop” is used interchangeably to describe a Chromebook, tablet, or other portable computing device throughout this document.

What if I already have another model or brand of laptop computer?
You will be required to use the school district issued laptop for school purposes.  This is necessary to ensure that you have a computer that gives you network capability and the ability to run the software that you will need in your courses.
Can I have my laptop computer this summer?
No.  All laptops will be collected at the end of the school year for general maintenance, cleaning, and software installation purposes.  Students will receive their laptops again on the first day of school or once the laptop acceptable use policy is signed.

How is one student's laptop identified from another student?
All laptops for each grade level are the same, so they look very much alike. However, each laptop will have district asset tags and a specific device serial number. The district keeps track of all the data, so if a laptop is misplaced, we can determine who it is assigned to get it back to the student. Any ID stickers that are on the laptop when issued must stay on the laptop. No additional permanent markings of any kind (engraving, permanent ink pen, stickers etc.) shall be placed on the Chromebook. While the devices are issued to students, they are still district-owned property. Additional permanent markings on the device will be considered vandalism. Students can add non-permanent identifying items to the carrying case such as ribbon, key chains or other removable items.

Will the laptops ever leave the building?
Yes. Students will have access to the laptop all year for home and school use. All 5th thru 10th grade students must have both a One-to-One Laptop Acceptable Use Policy and Acceptable Use Policy signed by themselves and a parent/guardian before they are issued a laptop.
Does Marion Local Schools provide maintenance on my laptop?

Yes.  The technology coordinator will coordinate maintenance for students.  However, maintenance records will be kept and repeated requests will be reviewed to avoid owner abuse/misuse of a laptop.

Is my student going to be on their electronic device all of the time?
No. The device is simply a learning tool we'll be using in conjunction with other educational resources, such as textbooks and traditional classroom materials. All of this will supplement the teacher's' classroom instructions and guidance.

Does my charger need to come to school with me?
Yes. Students will be expected to have a charged device available during the entire school day. Depending on the life of the battery, your child may need to bring a charger with them to school.

What will I do without a computer if my laptop unit is being repaired or while I am replacing it if it is lost or stolen?
Marion Local Schools will stock a limited number of laptops that can be loaned out.  If you are in possession of a loaner, treat it as if it were your own computer.  You will be responsible for any damage to the loaner unit or for its loss.
If I purchase software in addition to the available software provided through Marion Local Schools, will the technology coordinator load it for me?
It depends on the software.  The request will have to be reviewed by the administration and technology coordinator.
How do I connect to the Internet at home?
You may connect to the Internet using an optional wired ethernet adapter (must be purchased separately) or wireless (WiFi) connection.  If you maintain a wireless home network, you should set the laptop to connect to your wireless connection.
Please be aware there are many different types of service providers and networking hardware used at home, and that these differences may not allow easy hookups to the Internet in some cases.  The Marion Local Schools technology staff will try to help you, but cannot guarantee a successful connection for every household.
What if I want to run another operating system on my laptop?

Only the operating system chosen by the Marion Local School District will be authorized to run on a student issued laptop.
What has the school done to help prevent students from going to inappropriate sites?
Marion Local Schools has software which is designed to help monitor Internet usage and all websites that are accessed at school only.  This software blocks inappropriate sites and also logs a history of every site that each user accesses.  If a site gets by the filter, Marion Local Schools can immediately add it to the filter to be blocked.  Parents are responsible for monitoring students away from school.
Are student laptops subject to school “snooping”; what if they bring their laptop in for repairs and “objectionable data” is found?
Inappropriate material on laptops should be reported to the classroom teacher, principal, or technology coordinator immediately upon identification.  Students, who have “objectionable data” on their laptops, but have failed or chosen not to report it, will be referred to the principal’s office for disciplinary actions.
If the accessories to my laptop are lost, broken or stolen, how much will it cost to replace them?
In the event that laptop accessories are stolen, you should report the lost items to the technology coordinator or principals’ office.  Replacement power chargers are $20 and cases are $20.

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